Values & ethos

Here at Venn Boulevard Centre we aim to instil the ambition to achieve in all of our pupils, and to provide them with the education, life skills and support which will enable them to become independent young people.

We want to inspire the best in everyone at Venn Boulevard Centre.

Our aim is for pupils to embrace the following attributes:

Confidence – we want pupils to be prepared to experiment and challenge themselves

Resilience – our pupils need to be prepared to change to meet new demands and not be afraid of making mistakes

Perseverance – our pupils need to challenge themselves not to give up at the first hurdle

We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas. We operate on the needs of each individual pupil and recognise the need for flexibility and to encompass new ways of thinking to ensure an effective and meaningful learning experience for all who attend.

We believe every pupil has the potential to succeed, and our style of teaching and learning promotes achievement while supporting self-esteem and confidence for a positive outlook.

The welfare and safety of our pupils and their children is paramount at Venn Boulevard Centre, and all precautions are taken to protect those in attendance.