Pupil premium

What is Pupil Premium funding?

Sullivan Centre Medical PRU receives additional finance from Pupil Premium funding to ensure that all groups of pupils achieve well. Funding is linked to the number of pupils who are eligible to receive free school meals or are ‘Looked After’ or belong to ‘Service Families’.  This does not include those in receipt of Universal Free School Meals in Key Stage 1.

The DfE guidance states that schools are free to spend their Pupil Premium allocation as they see fit since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for individual pupils within their responsibility. However, they also remind schools that they are accountable for the impact of this spending.

How do we ensure that Pupil Premium funding has the maximum impact?

Clear and responsive leadership has high aspirations and expectations to ensure that there is an ethos of attainment for all pupils. Leaders drive a 100 per cent buy-in from all staff to convey positive and aspirational messages to disadvantaged pupils. Leaders use evidence including EEF Toolkit to decide on which strategies are likely to be most effective in overcoming barriers to the learning of disadvantaged pupils. Particular consideration is given to high-impact, low-cost strategies.

Leaders and classroom staff use a wide range of information to help identify pupils who are not making expected progress. Information gathered considers the needs of the ‘whole child’ including social, emotional and mental health needs.

Information gathered includes:

  • Ongoing observations and discussions with the pupil and parents/carers
  • Rigorous assessment and tracking procedures in reading, writing and maths
  • Educational Health and Care Plans
  • Assess, Plan, Do and Review Cycles
  • Outcomes of diagnostic screening
  • Recommendations from other professionals, agencies and support workers

Leaders frequently evaluate the effectiveness of resources and make adjustments as necessary. Staffing and quality of teaching is closely monitored to ensure the effective deployment of staff to support disadvantaged pupils and identify where the skills of teachers and support staff require development.

Performance management is used to reinforce the importance of this agenda, challenging staff on outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, as required.

* The service has not received any ‘Year 7 catch Up funding’ or ‘Sports Premium’.