Ofsted report

The Sullivan Centre is rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED (July, 2019)

Download the full report below:

Since the last inspection, the service has rebranded as The Sullivan Centre, part of Venn Academy Trust, formerly known as ‘The Rowan Centre’.

Quotes from the report:

Pupils make good progress in reading because it is given high priority. Support is well organised and planned to help individuals develop their skills and make up for lost time. Other pupils are encouraged to read and enjoy a range of books.

The most able pupils make good progress because their individual abilities and talents are recognised and carefully nurtured by the staff.

The unit works exceptionally well in partnership with parents and carers to give them information about how well their children are doing and what they should do at home to build upon their achievements in the unit.

The atmosphere in all the sections is supportive and pupils say they feel safe. There are always staff available in each section and pupils know that there is always someone to turn to if the need arises.

Staff praise achievement, good behaviour and success in lessons so that pupils are aware of when they have done well.