We accept referrals from:

  • Schools
  • CAMHS/a consultant level medical professional
  • Special Educational Needs Team (through the Education, Health and Care Plan consultation process)

To make a referral for a school placement within the Sullivan Centre, please complete the application form here and ensure you include relevant health information of the pupil. All new referrals made by schools and health professionals will be considered by Sullivan Centre Admissions Panel which meets on a 6 weekly basis.  Our admissions panel constitutes; Senior Leaders within Sullivan Centre and representatives from CAMHS, Speech & Language Service, Specialist Nursing Team & Educational Psychology.

Referrals must be sent via secure email to  To discuss the referral please contact Claire Goodaire, Head of School or Sarah Sargieson, Assistant Head and SENDCo, on 01482 585203

For children with education, health and care plans – please consult your local authority’s special educational needs team to ask for consultation with the Sullivan Centre.

Additional information: