Starting nursery

A child’s introduction to nursery begins in the half term before they are enrolled at the centre. Our staff use a variety of methods to ensure both children and parents feel confident, safe and content about the child’s time here. Staff may offer a home visit prior to enrolment to introduce the child’s key worker to the family, and to answer any questions you may have.

Starting nursery is a process which we expect parents to be involved in on a joint basis with nursery staff, ensuring that their child’s time at nursery has a positive start.

Pre-start visits are used to ease children into attendance, which provide the opportunity for staff and parents to assess each child’s introduction on an individual basis.

We ask parents to stay with their child during their first week at nursery, gradually increasing time away as their child gains confidence. For most children this is a natural and comforting introduction. Younger children and those who have not spent time away from home before may take longer to settle in, but nursery staff are on hand to make a child’s start at nursery as enjoyable as possible.