Specialist Classrooms

The Sullivan Centre Specialist Classroom

Our Hospital Education Service is a short-term intervention and students have a time specific re-integration plan documenting the support they will receive.  However, in some individual cases students with an Education, Health and Care Plan may require a more long-term support. This specialist provision is delivered in a purpose built and calm environment. Education is delivered by highly trained experts in supporting pupils with their social, emotional and mental health needs alongside any other additional learning difficulties.  All lessons and interventions are delivered in our purpose-built suite of rooms with an emphasis on developing relationships within this nurturing cohort and staff team. ELSA trained staff and Life Coaches lead sessions and provide one to one support for all students. Each student’s mental health journey is at the heart of everything we do; inspiring students, opening minds and challenging them to succeed.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our students with a focus on basic skills and gap filling due to lengthy periods of absence from education. Our highly specialist staff, develop an intense intervention package for each student based, on their Education, Health and Care Plan targets. Through these interventions, students’ academic and vocational ambitions are restored and revitalised.

The staff team work closely with CAMHS, specialist staff at the Inspire Medical Unit and medical professionals.

Venn Boulevard Centre Specialist Classrooms

Venn Boulevard Centre Specialist Classrooms provide students with opportunities to learn and develop using an alternative approach to mainstream education. Students have the option to access lessons and experiences both across the alternative provision and within the personalised SEND base classrooms. Form tutors plan a timetable centred around the individual student’s needs and interests using both interventions based within the specialist classrooms as well as the wider curriculum offer available at Venn Boulevard Centre.

Each student is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring development socially, academically, physically and emotionally to prepare for the next steps in education and employment. The bespoke academic and vocational curriculum offers a wide range of qualifications at all levels. Life Coaches work alongside form tutors to support pupils in developing independence and life skills. Social and communication needs are supported through a range of creative, engaging and personalised sessions such as lunchtime clubs, sporting competitions, enrichment opportunities and work experience. The staff team receive a wide range of SEND training delivered both internally and externally on a weekly basis.

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