Values & ethos

Our Hospital Education Service, is a short term educational provision which supports young people within Hull and out of county areas who are unable to access their present school due to a diverse range of medical and mental health needs.
The service encompasses:

  • The Sullivan Centre, classroom based tuition (co located at Venn Boulevard Centre);
  • Hospital Schoolroom (located at Hull Royal Infirmary);
  • Home Tuition Service providing an Outreach education and support service to pupils/schools.
  • Inpatient Schoolroom (loacted at Inspire, the region’s new CAMHS (Children’s & Adolescent Mental Health service) inpatient facility)

Our overarching aim is for each pupil to improve all aspects of their learning, emotional wellbeing, social development and employability, so that they can either return to mainstream school or be supported in accessing the most effective setting to enhance and improve their chances and opportunities in the future.

We promote a culture of high expectations within a purposeful learning environment which is happy, safe  and secure. Through a personalised curriculum pupils are challenged and inspired to achieve, despite the challenges which they may face. A combined curriculum of academic skills and creative learning opportunities, ensures that each pupil advances in their educational and personal development journeys’. Collaborative group tasks and therapeutic opportunities stimulate sociability and encourage positive attitudes towards self and school.

The ethos, ‘Together, we achieve’ reflects the culture and drive of the provision that all pupils are supported in moving forward through a partnership approach including, pupils, parents/carers and other professionals.

The service is now co located with the Boulevard Centre, a member of Venn Academy Trust.