Once a pupil has been referred to Venn Boulevard Centre, they are invited to complete an induction period at the school. This is a chance for each pupil to gain an understanding of our approach to learning, as well as share their thoughts, concerns and ambitions for the future with the staff they will be working with.

Six weeks after admission a formal review meeting is planned with parents and professionals to review the progress and suitability of the provision.

We see a positive reaction from pupils as a result of our induction period, and encourage pupils to use this time to consider their academic targets and possible career routes. Pupils are given the chance to participate in lessons, and consider how their current or previous studies can be continued to maximise their achievements.

“Before coming to school, you and other leaders work hard to understand the needs of individual pupils. The school seeks to identify any triggers which cause pupils to behave erratically and you work towards eliminating these. Once at school, the life coach works with individuals to help them to deal with any anxieties that they may have. At this point, the SEMH curriculum is shaped to meet the needs of individuals. The work of the life coach can include one-to-one work in addition to positive thinking strategies, mindfulness and aromatherapy, for example.” Ofsted, July 2019.