Diversity and Inclusion

Our setting welcomes a diverse population of both students and staff.

In order to consolidate and build upon this diversity, it is essential that equality of opportunity and the absence of unfair discrimination be at the core of all the School’s activities. Our School is committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity in all its functions.

The Governing Body and the Local Authority have responsibility for ensuring that the School operates within the legal framework for equality and for implementing the policy throughout the School. Discriminatory issues are dealt with by the appropriate committee.

In addition, each member of the School community is responsible for preventing unfair discrimination or harassment or victimisation which it is within their control to prevent; and challenging or reporting such in appropriate behaviour if it occurs.

In order to meet this duty the school will:

  • Establish with all staff an overall vision of the duty to promote equality of opportunity for all

  • Advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between disabled and nondisabled people, women and men, and between different racial and minority ethnic groups

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment or victimisation on the grounds of disability, gender, race or ethnicity. It is the Responsibility of the school’s Leadership Team to meet the duty:

  • Raise awareness through training for all staff & governors, and through promoting the Equality Statement to all parents and pupils

  • Ensure that all policies and practices within the school are impact assessed against the aims above

  • Monitor, report and act on any incidents of discrimination, harassment or victimisation

  • Provide appropriate resources and a curriculum that promotes good relations and understanding of equality and diversity

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